Enhancing market access for lasting impact on communities and nature

At Bee Works Africa, we believe in the power of markets to drive positive change. That's why we have developed a market-centred approach to building a sustainable beekeeping industry in Kenya. Our goal is to create economic opportunities for communities while also protecting the environment.

We work directly with user groups like community forest associations and other community members living near protected areas and conservancies in Kenya. By purchasing honey directly from these groups, we incentivize them to take part in nature-based businesses like beekeeping, which not only enhances their livelihoods but also helps conserve Kenya's protected areas.

We chose beekeeping specifically because it's a low-investment, low-risk activity that can have a big impact. Plus, our approach is nature-based and complements existing livelihoods, helping communities adapt to climate change while also preserving biodiversity.

For enquiries, contact us at Beeworks@wearenapo.com